Program interactively, in Python and Sage, in your web browser.

Screenshots of some of the main interfaces of Codenode. Click for detail:

Codenode Bookshelf

The Bookshelf: Manage many Notebooks

Codenode Notebook

The Notebook: Write and run code interactively

Codenode Admin Interface

Admin Interface: Manage Users, Groups, and all Data


  • Browser based interface to Python and Sage.
  • Notebook style interface to write and run code, create plots, and organize your work into sections.
  • Manage many notebooks - add, delete, sort, and create folders.
  • Save completed notebooks to share with others.
  • Future support for Ruby and R.


easy_install codenode

Get the latest development code here on Github


Development mailing list: codenode-devel

codenode is in beta stage development. Improvements are happening everyday, so in the short term, much of the software will change for the better.
codenode is free software.